About Us - Window Cleaner

Good day, my name is Nathan Wright and its good to welcome you to this site. Truth be told I am actually a woodworker by trade although I commenced designing and making websites approximately thirteen years back. Rather an extreme change you might imagine even so I slipped into it quite successfully and at present it simply seems to be "what I do". Whilst usually I build websites just for enjoyment, I do however also try to earn a little revenue out of it (to fund domain names, hosting etc). I should confess I've found it an exciting challenge, coming up with strategies and putting them into practice.

I suspect that I'm not the only person to have become irritated while browsing websites to get persistent pop-up windows trying to sell me stuff I do not want and newsletters I will never look at, annoying advertising and promotions stuffed down my throat that has little to do with what I'm looking for, and additionally being forced to sign up or sign in to accomplish pretty much anything whatsoever on many sites. I would guess that you feel as I do after the resultant spam emails start arriving and its necessary to invest your precious time every single day removing this crap?

My site is not dynamic hence the content does not move about or take ages to fully load. You won't be expected to login or register and I guarantee you will never be getting any spammy newsletters or email messages. You will find a little promotional material here, though it is not pushed down your throat. And you will never ever get pop-ups you simply can't get rid of.

It has generally been my aim to build simple, easy to use sites that are quick to load and hassle free. I am hopeful that I've achieved this here and that you have got what you wanted visiting, or perhaps at least not been disappointed by it.

I'm not a window cleaner myself therefore I would prefer that you don't contact me with questions connected with window cleaning or asking for job quotations for window cleaning assignments, the site was designed to tell you about some of the variety of ways to search for a reliable window cleaner yourself.

I do not endorse or recommend any particular service, I've merely given you a few methods of locating one, the choice is ultimately yours to make.

I would like to to see you here again soon and thanks a lot yet again for your visit.